Whitetails live and die by their nose. Take advantage of this by pouring Liquid Luck® where there is optimal air circulation. Deer don’t just stumble on Liquid Luck,® they smell it from a distance.

Attract deer to your stand

Liquid Luck® is designed to attract deer to your stand site quickly. It’s the ideal attractant for the weekend hunter who can’t plant food plots or consistently deploy food and/or attractants. Liquid Luck’s liquid form offers maximum strength and range of its irresistible aroma, which is why it works so well to bring deer to your stand site.

Carefully consider where to pour

Before you pour your Liquid Luck,® consider where the deer will likely come from and how they might approach the area. They will usually come from downwind and/or through cover, so make sure you pour Liquid Luck® where it will maximize your opportunities.


For best results, shake the Liquid Luck® Carry ’n’ Pour container prior to use. Pour Liquid Luck® onto the ground, stump or feed pile. Pouring Liquid Luck® in a small, confined area will direct deer where you want them while pouring it over a larger area will maximize air circulation around the product. Pour out the entire contents for maximum results.