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How to use Deadly DustHOW TO USE DEADLY DUST®

Use Deadly Dust® by itself or as a super-charging additive to field corn. Be sure to take advantage of the intense aroma of the real sweet corn by placing Deadly Dust® where there is optimal air circulation.

Before season

Use Deadly Dust® to attract deer to your camera site and get them used to the area. Deadly Dust® will maximize the number of deer you get photos of and will result in more photos of big bucks. Deadly Dust® will also help to establish travel patterns and acclimate deer to your area.   

During season 

In states that allow feeding only, move the Deadly Dust® site away from your hunting area prior to the season and then hunt travel routes between the Deadly Dust® site and bedding areas.

In states that allow baiting, place Deadly Dust® near your stand and replenish it periodically so deer will continue to check back. Place a new supply of Deadly Dust® prior to each hunt.

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