BIG&J’s MELTDOWN® Mineral Mix releases mineral vapors into the air, attracting deer to your mineral site. MELTDOWN® chemically reacts with water, creating intense heat, which causes vaporization. You simply add water, mix and pour onto the ground where the mineral will solidify.

Mix MELTDOWN® at your mineral site.

Because the MELTDOWN® chemical reaction takes just ten to fifteen minutes, it is best to add the water (use creek, pond or well water, if possible) right at your mineral site. It requires 1/2 gallon of water, which is the equivalent of four water bottles. Once the chemical reaction is complete, MELTDOWN® will solidify, so it is best to mix on-site and pour out before solidification.

Do not reapply more often than every 6–8 weeks

MELTDOWN™ will reactivate with every rainfall and will leach into the soil. Deer will not use the site if you over-apply, as they prefer the mineral in the soil. So, do not reapply MELTDOWN™ more often than every 6 – 8 weeks. NOTE: Deer will continue to visit your mineral site, especially if you replenish. Eventually, they may dig a sizeable hole, so select your site accordingly.


Pour into this container 1/2 gallon (64 fl. oz.) of non-chlorinated water. Thoroughly mix mineral powder and water, first by shaking and then kneading. Contents will become hot almost immediately. Continue to knead for at least two more minutes. Pour the mixture onto an area of exposed and loosened ground, three to four feet in diameter. If mixture solidifies in this container, simply cut away the container.

Results may vary depending on soil type 

MELTDOWN® Mineral Mix works best in clay-based soils, while in sandy or acidic

(pine trees) soils, you may get mixed results. Select your mineral site accordingly.