Bone Collector Blend

Collect more bone!

The Bone Collector Blend was designed by Big&J® to help Michael and his team as well as all hunters all over have more success in the field! The Bone Collector Blend is a culmination of our years of innovating attractants to help hunters!

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At Bone Collector, we like to use products that work and we have used about everything available to hunters. For the last several years, we have used Big&J® because the results don't lie!

We see more deer in front of game cameras and at stands, have consistent growth in our bucks and our herd as a whole, and consistently have opportunities to harvest the deer we are chasing.

We've partnered with Big&J® to develop The Bone Collector Blend to help hunters kill more deer every year.

Collect more Bone with The Bone Collector Blend!

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